K&H Construction, Inc. Current and Upcoming Projects

K&H Construction, Inc. is excited to be working on the following projects:

  • Build and install a new temporary communication shelter for AEP in Lavalette, WV
  • Continued work on AEP Communication Shelter Replacement Projects in Lancaster, Jackson, and Otway, OH
  • New Communication Tower Site for ERS – OCI in Evansville, IN

K&H Construction, Inc. Visits IPFW Engineered Construction Class

Mike Kinder, Almario Greene, and Emily Brough recently visited IPFW’s Engineered Construction class to speak with students about K&H Construction, Inc.  They shared pictures and information about the types of services that K&H Construction completes on a regular basis, with a focus on concrete work.  Students were then asked to participate in a group activity on formwork.  It was an interactive presentation.  K&H Construction values the opportunity to interact with up and coming construction professionals in the community.

K&H Construction donates water to Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana and Alzheimer’s Association

On the weekend of September 9, K&H Construction, Inc. donated and handed out over 700 bottles of water to participants and volunteers at the Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana (DSANI) Buddy Walk.  Over 1500 walkers participated in this year’s walk, held at Parkview Field.

Additionally, K&H Construction, Inc. recently donated over 200 bottles of water to the Alzheimer’s Association of Fort Wayne for participants attending support groups and educational classes.

K&H Construction values helping organizations in the community.

K&H Construction Upcoming Projects

K&H Construction is excited to start the following projects:

  • New Tower Site for Vertical Bridge in Edgerton, Ohio
  • Site Work for a New Tower Site for Hayes Towers in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • New Communication Shelter Projects for American Electric Power in:
    • Buchanan, Michigan
    • Canton, Ohio
    • Kilgore, Ohio
    • Malvern, Ohio
    • Sponseller, Ohio

K&H Construction, Inc. Upcoming Projects

K&H Construction, Inc. is starting off a busy summer with the following projects:

  • New Guyed Tower Foundations in Marion, Michigan for ERS Telecom Properties
  • New Communication Shelter in Buchanan, Michigan for AEP
  • New Communication Shelter in Coshocton, Ohio for AEP

K&H Construction, Inc. Upcoming Projects

K&H is excited to start several new projects in the upcoming weeks:

  • Guyed tower foundation modifications for Mission 1 Communications near the following Michigan cities:
    • Belding, Mt. Pleasant, Grayling, Seney
  • New communication shelter foundation/new utilities for American Electric Power in Lima, Ohio
  • New self-supported tower foundations for Newkirk Electric Associates in Reed City, Michigan
  • New Tower Foundation for Mission 1 Communications near Lexington, Kentucky for Kentucky American Water

K&H Construction, Inc. honored for safety at BCA Spring Membership Dinner

On Thursday, April 20, the Building Contractor’s Association honored area companies for their efforts in both safety and excellence in construction.  K&H Construction, Inc., along with eight other area contractors, received a Safety Recognition Award for its efforts in maintaining and achieving a workplace that focuses on safety for all of its employees and associates.  In addition, K&H Construction, Inc. superintendent Kendall Ringger, along with 13 other area company employees, received a Supervisor Safety Award for his efforts in creating and managing the safest workplace possible on K&H Construction’s American Electric Power jobs.  K&H Construction says the following about Kendall:

Kendall Ringger has served as the Superintendent for nearly all K&H Construction, Inc.’s American Electric Power jobs.   In this role, Kendall is impeccable – filling out detailed, daily JSA’s which are submitted to AEP and into the K&H Construction’s Safety file.  All of this reporting gets submitted with the appropriate pay applications, and payment is contingent upon safety records being perfect.  Kendall not only oversees that the K&H Team completes their jobs with the highest quality and workmanship, but also that safety requirements are met day in and day out.  AEP has an employee on site 100% of the time with Kendall and the team, and often, sends a safety superintendent to visit the work site, so Kendall must be constantly prepared.  He ensures that the entire team is abiding by all AEP and K&H Construction safety requirements at all times.  In addition, Kendall has formed excellent relationships with our partners at AEP.  These partners truly enjoy working with him and believe that he leads the K&H Construction Team in the most professional manner, to deliver the best finished project, while constantly exceeding the safety requirements.  At K&H Construction, we are thankful to have Kendall leading these efforts and believe that he is well deserving of this nomination for his endeavors.  We look forward to seeing his continued success at leading and completing complex projects in the safest manner.   

K&H Construction Project updates

Even with the cold weather approaching, K&H Construction is beginning new projects:

-This week, we began a new communications shelter for AEP in Plymouth, Ohio.

-Within the next month, we will beginning a new communication site for Blue Sky Tower in Ontario, New York.


K&H Construction partners with Troop 365 on Eagle Scout Project

K&H Construction believes in community involvement.  Employees from K&H Construction partnered with Joe Hartman of Troop 365 based at Central Lutheran School in New Haven to create a monument as part of his quest to become an Eagle Scout.  The monument that Joe created is an especially significant one, as it marks the 5000th Acre purchased by the ACRES Land Trust.  All 5,000 of the acres in this area will be preserved in their natural state – they include deep ravines, over 3,000 feet of frontage along the Maumee River, mature hardwood forests, and diverse plant life.  This property also has several springs whose waters contain a blue cast.  For his work on this project, Joe was awarded Eagle Scout in January of 2015.  The 5000th Acre monument is located at 21412 Bluecast Road in Woodburn, Indiana.  For more pictures of this project, see the project page.