Month: May 2019

K&H Construction, Inc. Current Projects

K&H Construction, Inc. is excited to be working on the following projects:

  • Two new tower foundations for an emergency communication system for Bullitt County, KY.
  • Four AEP Communication Sites in Continental, Fostoria, Savannah, and Fremont, OH.
  • New tower foundation for ERS Telecom Properties in Rapid City, MI.
  • Building five new temporary communication shelters for AEP that will be used in WV, VA, and KY.
  • New tower foundation at Camp Atterbury.

K&H Construction Wins Safety Award at BCA Spring Membership Meeting

K&H Construction, Inc. was awarded the 2019 BCA Gibson Safety Excellence Award under the Contractor 1 – 50K labor hours class at the Building Contractors Association Spring Membership dinner in April. K&H was one of five companies receiving awards in their respective labor hours classes and was honored to be among the winners of this award.  K&H Construction has safety among its core values, believing that safety is first, every single day, no matter how large or small the project.  K&H also believes that every employee should return home safely to their family every week.  In the last two years, K&H Construction has worked to enhance its safety program, rewriting its zero-tolerance policy, increasing the amount of safety classes needed to participate in work for the company, and continuing to promote safety each and every day through conversation and action.